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PhD Patent Attorneys 7 needed

Experience Required: PhD in Biology, Pharma, Chemical or like degrees required. Experienced in Patent Prosecution & Patent Litigation preferred. 1-5 years experience.

Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

Various major US markets Experience Required: Technical expertise in areas such as engineering, Electronics , computer science or other related areas. 1-3 years experience.

Trademark and Copyright Attorneys

Minimum of 2 to 7 years experience in domestic and international trademark and copyright counseling, registration and enforcement. Clients include numerous high technology and Internet companies, public companies with international portfolios, and emerging and niche companies. The Trademark and Copyright Group focuses on counseling, screening, registering and policing intellectual property rights.

Corporate Securities Attorneys

Specialize in the areas of mergers, acquisitions and management buyouts; initial public offerings; public equity and debt offerings; venture/private company representation; joint ventures and strategic alliances; and ongoing corporate counseling. We are seeking associates with superior academic credentials. A minimum of 1 to 6 years of corporate experience is required. A background in private and public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and securities law is preferred.

Corporate Attorneys

Positions open in various Major US markets and Asia Experience Required: Public and private company general corporate and securities representation, venture financing and public offering experience. 2-5 years experience.

Debt Finance, Leasing and Asset Securitization Attorneys

5 positions in various major US markets and Asia Experience Required: Interest and experience commensurate with level of experience in corporate lending, leasing, debt securities and/or asset securitization transactions. 0-2 years experience.

Real Estate Attorneys

Positions available for a real estate transactional attorney with 3-5 years of law firm experience. Experience should include sophisticated commercial real estate transactions, including commercial office, industrial and residential purchase and sale, financing and syndication. Must be able to work on multiple projects for multiple lawyers and interface with client.


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