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For our Candidates:

Our ability to reach the world enables us to assist you when a
change is needed. If your looking to relocate, change life style or just
feel your career path is off track call us to discuss your goals. Our
Search consultants will listen to you and give you a honest opinion if
we are the right choice to assist in your next move. We cannot help
everyone, but we are open and forthright with our abilities in each
assessment. We have helped many people move a year after our first
contact with them, we may not have the right fit today ( but we never
forget you). Call us when contemplating a career move, maybe we can
help! Our client's list include firms in the Am Law 100, Smaller Regional
& Local Firms ,Fortune 500 companies and Private/Start ups Companies.

If interested call or email us: or Darin Miller directly 530-409-3162


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